about an art photographer based in London, Vienna and Stockholm

Laurent Mekul
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Laurent Mekul

"Live, and life gives you pictures" - Henri Cartier Bresson

This brilliant quote perfectly reflects my perspective of photography as a form of art. I am a photo - artist based in London, and I like capturing the ambience of the world around me through my abstract, simple-colored, and dream-like photographs. With my strong affection for design, interiors, and architecture, I strive to make my photography appealing to the eye and suitable for every wall by making the pictures more like a piece of art and detached from reality.

I received my training in Vienna and in London, and my work has been shown in various exhibitions - most recently a solo-exhibition in Austria titled ‘Freundschatten’. Please see more of my exhibitions via the ‘Portfolio - Exhibitions’ page. http://www.laurentmekul.com/?id=30

I have always had a strong interest in science that guided me through my degree in astrophysics. This passion leads me to work with scientists, whether to portrait their work or their environment or aid them in designing scientific illustrations, posters, and presentations. Examples of these collaborations can be found in my portfolio. I love to work on new, creative ideas so if you have something in mind or are interested in my photographs, please feel free to contact me.


Contact: info____laurentmekul__com



October: cover photo and editorial picture "DIE BRÜCKE" art journal, Austria
April - May: solo-exhibition "Science - the bigger picture" at seh.bühne Klagenfurt, Austria

February: Finissage "Fragments" - solo exhibition at KE Theatre Klagenfurt, Austria

Exhibition page



Dec 2nd - spring 2017 "46°29'11''N, 14°35'46''O - Südpol 11.0" group exhibitions at Galerie Vorspann, Bad Eisenkappel, Austria

24th November - 22nd December "Portfolio 2016" - group exhibition at Künstlerhaus Klagenfurt, Austria


October 25th - January 2017: "Fragments" - solo exhibition at KE Theatre Klagenfurt, Austria

Exhibition page

September 16th - 2nd October: "Freundschatten" - solo exhibition at Galerie Vorspann, Bad Eisenkappel, Austria

Exhibition page


July: "Paw and Tails" - solo exhibition at Green Peas, Stockholm
Exhibition page


August 1st - October 10th: "Heimkommen im Kopf - Flashback nach Kärnten" - solo exhibition at Kraigher-Haus, Austria
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Move to Stockholm



October 18th - October 24th: "Ortswechsel" Group exhibition at Schillerpalais, Berlin

Exhibition page

June 1st - June 7th: "Science - the bigger picture" Solo - exhibition at Imperial College London

Exhibition page

May 21st - mid June: "BA Kunstpreis 2014" Exhibition at Galerie 3 in Klagenfurt, Austria

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Private photography classes
Production of the book "Paws"

January - Creative Digital Photography studies at Central Saint Martins,University of the Arts London


September - Participant at London Zoo's exhibition

Project "Whales" in British Columbia, Canada


Participating in different photo courses in Vienna


Photo workshops in Vienna


Canon EOS 5D Mark II


Participating in "Vienna Photography Marathon"


Master of Science (Astronomy)


Sony Alpha 300


Birth in Klagenfurt, Austria